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Bristol-Myers Squibb Helps Grant Seth’s wish

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and Make-A-Wish share a deep commitment to providing emotional support for patients and their families.  Thank you, BMS! Your gift to Make-A-Wish in 2018 does more than bring joy to children with cancer.  You help us give them an edge in conquering their illnesses.

At 13 years old, Seth was a typical boy his age – riding his scooter and playing X Box when he began suffering from terrible headaches. His doctor ordered an MRI and within minutes Seth and his family’s lives were turned upside down when the radiologist told them that Seth had a brain tumor. His mom said that she felt panic within the first few seconds of receiving the news but then realized that she had to keep it together for Seth. He was immediately admitted into the hospital and had his first surgery in June and his second in July. Currently he goes in for an MRI every 4 months to monitor what is left of the slow growing tumor the doctors weren’t able to remove. If the tumor grows he will need to have a third surgery, and maybe more.  

Post-surgery Seth battled depression and anxiety. He felt alienated from his peers and missed feeling “normal”. He missed playing football and riding his dirt bike – he gave up both because he was afraid something would happen to his head.

When his wish granters asked Seth what his one true wish would be – he said he wanted to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. As Seth has no siblings, he was able to take share his wish experience with his best friend, Roman.  Seth, his parents and Roman went to Walt Disney World® Resort and explored Magic Kingdom as well as Universal Studios. Around every corner, they found people who went above and beyond to make their trip extra-special. They could go on all of the rides they wanted because of the special fast passes given to our wish families.

Seth’s wish gave him and his family a much-needed break from all of the medical appointments and stresses they had faced together.

 “It also gave us all a chance to breathe,” said Seth’s mom, Shelbie. “Prior to the wish there was a gap in the family, I think we were all trying to close it and hold it together. But the wish trip created a bond that we still have with us today. ”

She added, “Make-A-Wish is medicine for the soul. Seth’s depression has decreased and he’s open to getting out more and riding his dirt bike than he was before the trip. I think it showed him that there’s more out there for him.”

Mar 27, 2018

wish kid Seth at Disney World

Seth, 14
I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort
brain tumor

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