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Lights, camera... Game Stop?

  • Game Stop employees make sure Mahdee leaves with all of his favorite games.

  • A limo whisks Mahdee off to Best Buy.

  • Best Buy employees take a break from all of the shopping to pose for a photo with Madhee.

  • The day isn't complete until Mahdee finds the perfect bikes for his family.

“ It's evident that he will remember this day forever. ”

- Make-A-Wish volunteer

For 12-year-old Mahdee, it wasn't about the renal failure that he was diagnosed with. It was about his wish to go on a shopping spree.

Not only was this shopping spree for the sake of shopping, but it was to believe once again in hope, strength and joy.

On March 7, 2015, Make-A-Wish granted Mahdee’s wish and sent him on a grand limo ride for the shopping spree of a tech-savvy boy’s lifetime. His first destination was to Game Stop where he was greeted with beautiful balloons shaped in stars. Knowing exactly what he wanted, Mahdee chose a PlayStation 4 and a few of his favorite videogames.

Mahdee wished to go on a shopping spree.

Next, Mahdee was on his way to Best Buy where he chose a Chrome Notebook that would be used for school, Beats headphones and other accessories.  His third stop was to Wal-Mart. After a huge debate, Mahdee selflessly chose to buy his sister and himself, two bicycles. With his purchases, Mahdee was very pleased and his smile explained it all.

The last stop for Mahdee was a lunch at IHOP with his family and Make-A-Wish volunteers. Although Mahdee still has a long journey and many more destinations, he will forever remember his wish as a wish to believe in hope, strength and joy.

Mahdee and his family were very appreciative of all that Make-A-Wish had done for them. He was very happy and it’s evident that he will remember this day forever. ”

— Make-A-Wish volunteer

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